Dusk 2 Dawn 2023

Join us downtown this Friday November 3, for "First Friday" and
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This year's campaign will encompass a multitude of critical components, making it even more comprehensive and impactful than ever before. This multifaceted approach involves disseminating crucial safety messaging through various channels, enhancing our reach and effectiveness.

Notably, we will be kicking off our Fifth Annual Dusk 2 Dawn Traffic Safety Campaign! This year we are encouraging everyone to “Be A Road Safety Hero” and to “Take The Pledge To Drive So Others Survive”. Firstly, it will be showcased through strategically placed bus shelter advertisements, ensuring that it captures the attention of both pedestrians and motorists alike. Moreover, we are extending our reach by integrating this messaging into transit signage within select buses, creating a constant reminder for passengers and drivers about the importance of safety.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that this vital information will be made readily accessible to drivers at Terrible's locations throughout the valley. The information will be prominently displayed on all gas-pump toppers, guaranteeing that even while refueling, individuals are reminded of the significance of road safety during the campaign.

Reflecting on the impact of the #Dusk2Dawn campaign in 2022, we observed a slight reduction in November fatalities. Regrettably, this success was somewhat fleeting, as we experienced a subsequent increase in fatalities during the following December and January. Nevertheless, the unwavering commitment of our partners and sponsors remains strong, driven by the collective hope that pedestrians wearing retro-reflective bands during this critical period will be visible to drivers, thus averting tragic accidents before it's too late.