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Sadly, we kill a lot of pedestrians in Clark County. In 2017, that number was the highest ever recorded in our city, at 78. So many things play a role in our issues! If every road user was more predictable we would all be safer, no matter what mode of travel we use. Our primary service is to be a resource for the community. So, if this is an issue you want to learn more about, we have a program for you! –More…



The other “Vulnerable Road Users” in our community we work with are cyclists, both bicyclists and motorcyclists. In this case, we most often work with partners form RTC, Southern NV Bicycle Coalition or Nevada Rider, but we do offer education on the importance of safe cycling, and helmets!
Through our wonderful partners at NV DOT, we are able to offer –More…



We offer a variety of classes. If you are here because you received a citation due to a pedestrian violation, as a driver or walker, we offer the class that allows you to have your fine dismissed and your points erased. Look at the top of the page and click on classes and chose what you need; we will make sure you get confirmation of your choice and look forward to seeing you! –More…

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The chalk lines may fade away, but THE MESSAGE REMAINS THE SAME!




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The Vulnerable Road Users Project is part of the Transportation Research Center at UNLV, and we have been working on the pedestrian safety issue for a long time!!

It is startling how many lives are lost every year in Clark County when people crossing streets are hit by vehicles. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s we were always in the top ten for pedestrian fatalities per capita across the US; we in fact, were the top spot in 1999, another bad list to top.

On this web site you will find a lot of information you can use to help understand and/or teach about getting safely to your destination. There are videos, news stories, research, maps that show where injuries and fatalities have happened. There are tools for teaching everyone from kids to senior citizens,

Please browse to find what you are looking for, and if you can’t find it or need more information, feel free to Contact Us.

Check Out Our Classes On Pedestrian Safety and Child Safety Seats Training

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Pedestrian Statistics

1 Of 10 Pedestrians Will Die in 20 MPH Crashes
9 Of 10 Pedestrians Will Die in 40 MPH Crashes
Lives Lost In 2017! TEN Were On the Sidewalk!
The Number of Yards it Takes To See a Pedestrian When Traveling 40 MPH

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Pedsafe Nevada Needs You – To Participate in a Focus Group!

On Wednesday, February 19th at 3 pm, we are offering a focus group whose purpose is making positive changes in our program. This group will include all the laws and issues you need to know to not get a pedestrian citation. Then we will continue with participants discussing thoughts on pedestrian behavior statements. We will […]

Three Moms, Three Stories, One Message!

April Stewart / Mary Lily was on her way home, just before Thanksgiving, 2015. A compassionate soul, Mary had gone to meet a friend who needed a sympathetic ear, and was on her skateboard, heading home for dinner. Mary was crossing Craig Road, in a marked crosswalk, and had made it to the last travel […]

Commissioner Michael Naft Invites the Community to a Transportation Safety Forum

On Thursday, June 20th people from across Clark County gathered at the Tam Alumni Center on the campus of UNLV. They came together to learn more about potential solutions to the traffic safety problems we face in our community. Most of the attendees spent their morning pouring over crash aftermath data presented by experts from […]

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