Dusk 2 Dawn

Second Annual Dusk 2 Dawn
Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Local 7-Elevens and Terrible Herbst Locations
Partner to Make Walkers Safer on Eight Key Streets

October 28, 2020

The 2nd Annual #Dusk2Dawn campaign has officially started!

With pedestrian fatalities already reaching 2019 totals for the year, this message could not be more important. The key message of this year’s campaign is that 80 percent of pedestrian deaths happen from Dusk 2 Dawn, and that pedestrians and drivers must do everything they can to assure safer travel. Those walking need to make sure drivers can see them, and drivers need to understand that paying full attention while driving is essential. This includes scanning side to side for those on foot waiting to cross our streets.

This year Ped Safe Nevada has chosen to focus on EIGHT key roads in Southern Nevada. These key locations had the most critical and fatal pedestrian crashes from 2016 to 2018 and will be displaying this important messaging through November 20th. Beginning November 1st each location will be displaying pedestrian safety posters and distributing retro-reflective slap bands to customers on foot (while supplies last).

The corridors for the campaign are:

  • Boulder Highway from Lake Mead Parkway to Sahara Avenue
  • Tropicana Avenue from Boulder Highway to Jones Boulevard
  • Flamingo Road from Boulder Highway to Decatur Avenue
  • Desert Inn Road from Nellis to Paradise Road
  • Sahara Avenue from Lamb to Decatur Avenue
  • Charleston Boulevard from Nellis to Rainbow Boulevard
  • Lake Mead Boulevard from Nellis to Decatur Avenue
  • Maryland Parkway from Russell Road to Sahara Avenue

Sponsors for the reflective bands are the Nevada Department of Transportation, Community Ambulance, UMC Trauma Center, Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys, 3-M Corporation and Sunrise Trauma Center. They join print sponsors: RTC of Southern Nevada, Vector Media and Nevada Department of Transportation.

This year’s campaign will include many important components. In addition to the educational and retro-reflective items available at our 70 locations in Southern Nevada, messaging will also be displayed to drivers. This messaging will be distributed through both bus shelter advertising and transit signage inside selected busses. In addition, drivers will be able to view this important information on all the gas-pump toppers at Terrible’s locations in the valley.

In 2019 the #Dusk2Dawn campaign had a dramatic effect on November fatalities. Unfortunately our success was short lived, with the following December and January ending up with remarkably high fatalities. It is the hope of our partners and sponsors that pedestrians using retro-reflective bands during this critical period will be seen by drivers before it's to late.

Few drivers or pedestrians understand that at 40 mph, you are moving 66' per second, average reaction time eats up 165' and headlights illuminate roughly 150’ in front of a vehicle. This means that many times the driver ends up hitting the pedestrian before the brakes. Our retro-reflective bands allow a driver to see the person crossing from up to 700’ away! PLUS, because they are worn on body parts that move, even though the driver may only see the reflector and not the person, their brain recognizes human movement.

If you or a loved one plans to be out and about in Las Vegas this November please stop by one a partnering 7-11 or a Terrible's  and pick up a retro-reflective band and always wear it when you are walking at night. The life you safe may be Yours!