Nevada Reading Week



Nevada Reading Week begins Monday, and each day next week, schools across the CCSD will be visited by car seat safety advocates. These advocates will be reading from a series of three books written by local founder of Car Seats for Christy, Joanne Garcia Arballo. Many people don’t understand that in Nevada, a child must travel safely secured in a car seat until they are 57” tall, which translates to 4’9”, the size of an average second grader!

Children at more than a dozen schools in Pre-K through 2nd grade classrooms will hear the stories of the little car seats who keep children safe. Ms. Arballo has written three books in a series that is still growing: The first, “Trusty, the Car Seat” also has a theme of diversity and inclusion, the second; “Good Night, Car Seat” has themes of gratitude with traveling safely, and the third; “3 Little Passengers” is about friendship, growth and safe travel for every size child.

The books were written to help children better relate to the seat they travel in, to make it a friend in place of something that is different, which no child ever wants! Each volunteer reader is also able to leave a set of the books behind for other kids in the school to read, thanks to a generous donation to purchase the books, made by Sierra Transportation and Technology, a Las Vegas based business that builds most of our traffic signals on local roads.

In addition to Car Seats for Christy, volunteer readers represent the City of Las Vegas Fire Department, UNLV’s student chapter of ITE, International Transportation Engineers, UNLV’s Kurt Kerkorian School of Medicine, UMC Trauma, CSN and UNLV’s Road Equity Alliance Project. The partnership was made possible through the CCSD Engagement Office.

A schedule of schools and readings is easily provided, and we will work with the school for your access approval; and interview opportunities with the author are also available Monday and Tuesday morning while reading or Wednesday afternoon. Thursday and Friday other volunteer readers are available. Schools are being covered from Mountain’s Edge to North Las Vegas, Summerlin to Henderson so easy access is available.

For more information on Joanne Arballo’s books, Trusty the Car Seat, Good Night, Car Seat and Three Little Passengers please visit

We focus a lot on children biking and walking to school, but in reality, children traveling in vehicles not properly restrained is very dangerous too. This is a great opportunity to get the message out about safe travels no matter how you use the road.

Check back during the week for photos!

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