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Sadly, we kill a lot of pedestrians in Clark County. In 2017, that number was the highest ever recorded in our city, at 78. So many things play a role in our issues! If every road user was more predictable we would all be safer, no matter what mode of travel we use. Our primary service is to be a resource for the community when it comes to pedestrian safety; so, if this is an issue you want to learn more about, we have a program for you!

It could be a class at your workplace that certifies those who pass as “Pedestrian Friendly Drivers,” and we pack a lot of information into one hour! Perhaps you received a citation as a walker or driver and the court offered you an opportunity to dismiss your fines if you attend a class we offer.

We also work with schools to educate kids and parents; we work with engineers and planners to bring the most current ideas to town to keep their education up, and we work with law enforcement to assure everyone know how important knowing and understanding the “Rules of the Road” can be for everyone’s safety.

If you are interested in educating yourself or others about road safety, please reach out to us and if we can’t do it ourselves, we will get you to the right people, and be so happy to help!



The other “Vulnerable Road Users” in our community we work with are cyclists, both bicyclists and motorcyclists. In this case, we most often work with partners form RTC, Southern NV Bicycle Coalition or Nevada Rider, but we do offer education on the importance of safe cycling, and helmets!

Through our wonderful partners at NV DOT, we are able to offer bike helmets free of cost and make sure they are fitted for your family. We do many bike rodeos with partners from the CCSD Police Department, Look Out, Kids About and others, to assure kids know how to safely ride their bikes and make sure they have a helmet on their heads!

Motorcycle safety classes are offered at many locations around town, and EVERY driver who is new to being on a motorcycle, or hasn’t ridden in many years should sign up before trying to ride on our streets! There is a new law in Nevada that requires your young motorcycle driver to attend an education class, and we can get you to that schedule too.



We offer a variety of classes. If you are here because you received a citation due to a pedestrian violation, as a driver or walker, we offer the class that allows you to have your fine dismissed and your points erased. Look at the top of the page and click on classes and chose what you need; we will make sure you get confirmation of your choice and look forward to seeing you!

We also offer a class for those who have received a ticket for their children being unrestrained or unattended in a car, just like the pedestrian classes, click above and find a class that works for you. We offer court ordered classes in English and Spanish.

Pedestrian Safe Driver Certification class can be offered for groups of 6 or 60… and last about 60 minutes. By the end of class attendees will understand far more about being safe drivers and getting home without a tragedy. Successful completion comes with a certificate and a sticker for your car. We can also arrange to bring the Bicycle Safe Driver class too, just let us know. Interested? Send us a request through the contact us button.

Everyone’s a Pedestrian! Is a class offered for those who have a high number of employees or residents who walk. We are happy to conduct this class/training for you, free of charge… because we care about our community!

We offer classes for older drivers and their children or caregivers. We offer a class on safer driving as we age, as well as safer walking as we age. For those wondering if it is time to give up the keys, we offer that class too, and answers to burning questions. Contact us and we’re happy to tell you all about it.