Save A Life


Criteria to Keep in Mind While Judging

  • Unless it could work in portrait, the entries in horizontal or landscape format are for in-bus advertising, and not eligible to win the MacBook, but win a second-place prize.
  • For the bus shelter winner, remember the message needs to be clear and able to read at 45 mph
  • The second place, in bus winner can be as wordy as they want…
  • We can make some changes… sometimes. If you really think an entry would be perfect with a tweak, speak up and I’ll find out if it is doable and get that suggestion out to others… In the past, we have added boarders to make the picture pop, changed a word… for ease of reading or spelling, etc.
  • The colors of some of these came through great on the scan… but especially yellow did not. I’m attaching a sheet with notes on each when needed.
  • Speak up with questions…
  • Feel free to add comments, I will get them out to the group.



Bus Shelter Entry



Inside Bus Entry