Calls for Clark County to improve deadly stretch of Boulder Highway

Two pedestrians were struck and killed by drivers in separate incidents on a deadly stretch of Boulder Highway last week.

One was a hit-and-run, with that driver being located and taken into custody on Monday.

The deaths happened within days of each other and within a couple hundred yards of each other.

The incidents were roughly halfway between Broadbent Boulevard, about a half mile to the south, and E Russell Rd, about a half mile to the north. The only crosswalks are at either intersection.

A lack of accessible crosswalks, street lights, traffic signals, or other standard safety measures have residents in the area and road safety advocates calling on Clark County to implement immediate changes.

"Incredibly frustrated is what I was, not surprised," said Erin Breen when she learned of the recent fatalities. "There's a lot of work that's happened on Boulder Highway, none of it fast enough."

by Brett Forrest 

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