First Friday 2023 Dusk2Dawn Kickoff

The Fifth Annual #Dusk2DawnNV campaign commenced this Friday with a vibrant kickoff event at First Friday! This initiative is aimed at emphasizing pedestrian safety as our daylight hours decrease. Recognizing the increased risks on roads due to shorter days and reduced visibility, the annual campaign seeks to raise awareness among all road users.

The overarching message for this year, encapsulated in the slogan "Do the Bright Thing" for pedestrians and "Will You See Them in Time?" for drivers, underscores the pivotal role each individual plays in ensuring the safety of others on the roads.

Startlingly, pedestrian fatalities in Clark County have already surpassed the totals recorded in the preceding year of 2022. If this alarming trend persists until the year's end, it could mark the most perilous year for road safety in the past five years. This message carries a profound significance within our community, stressing the inherent dangers that darkness poses to road users and urging collective action to reverse the disturbing statistics.

As we navigate the remaining months of the year, the #Dusk2DawnNV campaign serves as a poignant reminder that promoting road safety is a shared responsibility, requiring heightened awareness and adherence to best practices during low-visibility periods.

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