World Day of Remembrance 2023

The World Day of Remembrance (WDoR) for Road Traffic Victims, observed here in Las Vegas on Sunday, November 19, 2023, is a global initiative that pays homage to all individuals affected by roadway crashes. Communities worldwide, including many in the United States, come together every third Sunday in November to advocate for road safety measures such as road redesign, lower speed limits, and enhanced vehicle design. This occasion serves as a crucial platform for governments, road safety advocates, and the public to underscore the gravity of road-related casualties and call for swift, coordinated efforts to address this preventable public health crisis.

Moreover, the WDoR incorporates advocacy efforts to promote road safety, urging governments, organizations, and individuals to take action to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents and fatalities. The day also provides support and recognition to survivors of road traffic accidents, acknowledging their strength and resilience in overcoming injuries or psychological trauma. Additionally, it pays tribute to first responders, including paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, who play crucial roles in managing and responding to traffic crashes.

WDoR is globally recognized, with various countries and organizations organizing events, memorial services, and awareness campaigns to mark the occasion. The event serves as a platform for victims' families, road safety organizations, government agencies, and concerned citizens to join forces, remembering the past and advocating for a safer future on the roads.

This year, attendees were encouraged to sign their names on a pledge board, committing to "Drive So Others Survive." The pledge focused on critical factors such as speed, seatbelt usage, avoiding drinking and cellphone distractions. Participants had the chance to win prizes from local businesses as an incentive for their commitment.

It is crucial to highlight that traffic deaths are the leading cause of death among youth in the U.S., disproportionately affecting pedestrians, cyclists, seniors, communities of color, and low-income communities. This preventable epidemic underscores the importance of adopting measures to prevent road traffic accidents, improve road safety infrastructure, and promote responsible behavior among all road users. Enforcement of traffic laws and regulations is essential to minimize accidents and mitigate their devastating consequences.


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