Heads Up! Don’t Let 2018 Numbers Rise Anymore!


If you have visited this spot in 2018 at all, you know that last year was the worst on record for pedestrians in Nevada, and in Clark County. Officially, 100 people in NV died crossing streets or standing on sidewalks in 2018, 78 of them in Clark County.

We always see an increase in those walking losing their lives in the Fall, and this year was sadly, no excepting. We entered September 20 percent behind 2017 numbers, nothing to brag about when compared to the year we had; and we ended October very close to even, down only 3 percent.

November was a bit better, and we are behind 2017 again. We kicked off December with a fatality, when a man chose to cross without the benefit of an intersection or marked mid-block crossing.

So, here is the holiday plea: PAY ATTENTION! Be predictable and travel sober!! If you are walking or driving, put down the phone!  If we all did our jobs, no matter what way we travel, we could have zero fatalities moving forward… 58 pedestrians and over 150 other road users have died in 2018 on our roads… make sure everyone is home for the holidays by doing your part!

And Happy New Year!!

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