Save A Life Poster Recognition

The Clark County Government Center showcased thirty student art posters dedicated to pedestrian safety on Clark County roadways. These artworks were selected as part of the 14th annual “Save A Life and Win A MacBook” contest. This year’s contest, made up of students from grades K-12, received more than 200 entries from 29 schools in Clark County.

After hosting a breakfast for all thirty participants Commissioner Michael Naft acknowledged and commended the artists during the June 2nd county commission meeting. Naft expressed his appreciation for their use of imagination and creativity to raise awareness about road safety and pedestrian consciousness. Many of the artworks highlighted concerns about distractions on the road for both pedestrians and drivers.

The county officials stated that the art pieces aim to educate and remind people to be cautious and attentive while using the streets. The sponsors, including Commissioner Michael Naft and the staff leading the art display, are assisting in expanding the impact of the messaging. Each artwork on display conveys the artist's most crucial safety message, emphasizing the importance of safe street usage regardless of the mode of transportation.

Common themes include addressing cellphone use by pedestrians and drivers, minimizing distractions, crossing at designated areas, and encouraging drivers to yield to pedestrians. The officials stressed the significance of the project due to the prevalent fatalities and injuries in the community, asserting that these messages are greatly needed to enhance road safety awareness.

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