We’re Looking for Photos and Thoughts…

We're Looking for Photos and Thoughts About Walking and Biking While Home

Hello all you Stay-Home-for-NV peeps! If you are venturing out, I am sure you have seen the number of people out walking and biking these days… (well not as much in Vegas right now, because it’s hotter, but next week again)!

So, my mission is to remind people of what that feels/felt like and how valuable it was to their sanity…  This is what I mean when I talk about your feeling safe to walk and bike, especially with your children, is a QUALITY OF LIFE issue.

I want people to be motivated to do something to keep that feeling! Depending on who you are, there are many things to do to keep the feeling… we want to explore those things and ask each person how important is it to you to keep that part of your lockdown routine?

If interested, your first assignment is easy: I need photos! Would you snap pictures on your walks, bike rides… family outings sans the vehicle? Post them on Facebook or email them to me through the website at: Pedsafe.Vegas.

Then take it all in… if you have thoughts about how you feel out walking and biking, ask yourself: what would I do in order to keep the feeling of safety? Of cleaner air? Of spending quality time as a family out doing something to reconnect with yourself, your family and your mental health?? Think I’m over-selling this? Ponder that for me… send me pictures, send your thoughts… and above all… be well and happy!

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